Town demolishes ‘zombie home’ in Hicksville

officials with large construction vehicle

– Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino joined with Town Clerk Rich LaMarca, Receiver Jeff Pravato and the Town’s Highway and Planning & Development crew at the demolition of a “zombie home” in Hicksville.

On October 3rd the Town of Oyster Bay’s Highway and Planning & Development crew commenced the demolition of an abandoned, long-dilapidated zombie home on West Cherry Street in Hicksville. This longtime eyesore was recently court-granted for demolition following multiple complaints from neighbors and the home being deemed in a state of disrepair and unfit for human occupancy.

“When our Code Enforcement Bureau first started inspecting this property, there were multiple living areas set up, presumably for illegal tenancy. These dangerous conditions were found throughout the home, including in the attic,” said Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino. “Over the years, this property was found to have multiple violations of Town Code and the property owner was given many opportunities to bring the house to code, most of which were ignored. Once our administration stepped in and changed the process, we made it possible to rid neighborhoods of eyesores such as this one with the creation of our Quality of Life Taskforce.” 

According to the supervisor, the house was eventually abandoned, and the Town continued inspections and took legal action while ensuring the safety of the local community. All property cleanups and any other work performed at this location by Town personnel were charged back to the property owner, not Town taxpayers.

“Stronger laws on the books not only help rid these eyesores from our community, they have also increased the Town’s ability to seek restitution from property owners and lending institutions in violation of Town Code,” said Receiver of Taxes Jeff Pravato.

“This is exactly what we’re all about – working together with our residents to protect our communities and our residents’ quality of life,” added Town Clerk Rich LaMarca. “Together, we will continue addressing concerns which negatively impact our neighborhoods.”

The Town Code Enforcement Bureau of the Department of Planning and Development is charged with the enforcement of all codes, rules and regulations pertaining to zoning, housing and public safety. It is expressly designed to handle requests of citizens regarding possible violations. To file a complaint, or to register a zombie property in your neighborhood, please visit


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