Plainview store must pivot because of camp’s Covid protocols

Business has gotten very stressful for Dani Liberman, owner of Kidcessories at Sugar Crazy in Plainview. She said that the store has had to pivot on their custom-made care package’s for campers across the tri-state area, because of Covid-19 protocols at sleep-away camps.

“Many of the sleep-away camps have once again canceled their parent visitation days because of the rise of COVID cases across the country,” said Liberman. “It’s a day that campers and parents look forward to and as a result a lot of our Long Island kids who are attending these camps will not receive these care packages that parents would normally bring to them during visits.”

Liberman is feeling the stress because hundreds of parents have requested her services to ship these packages in smaller boxes in a much shorter timeframe.

“Now I have to prepare and send these boxes five days earlier than when parents would normally bring them to their kids at camp. There are also a lot of restrictions in place as far as food items that can be sent because many of the sleep-away camps are nut-free facilities.”

On a typical parent visitation day at camps such as Chen-a-Wanda in Pennsylvania, campers would receive nicely wrapped packages or coolers full of homemade food items and candy and snacks.

Liberman said because of COVID protocols, only 8×8 or 8×12 boxes are allowed to be shipped through the mail now.

“I’m working overtime dealing with a deluge of requests to get these smaller packages in a much earlier timeframe than usual,” said Liberman.

She said that because many camps have canceled the parent visits, they are only allowing FaceTime or google Zoom calls to take place between parents and campers.

“It’s kind of disappointing for both parties because lot of these kids are away from home for a lot of the summer. Instead of in-person visits, there are a lot of photos and letters being sent so parents and campers can stay in contact with each other.”

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