Levittown students get a jump start on learning

Elementary English language learners from the Levittown Public School District are engaged in a four-week ENL Summer Jumpstart program held at Levittown Memorial Education Center, where students participate in hands-on activities to strengthen a variety of skills.

Along with strengthening students’ language development, the program’s academic and enrichment program focuses on lessons in literacy, physical education, technology and STEAM. To enhance learning, the program also incorporates the required summer reading books, as well as the district’s online platforms such as Footsteps2Brilliance. The program’s physical education component allows students to engage in various games and physical activities outdoors while emphasizing teamwork, taking turns and socialization. Students are placed in groups by grade level and rotate to each session throughout the day.

Enrollment is at its highest this year with 75 students entering first through fifth grades participating in activities that foster language development and allow students to learn through movement and play. Participants greatly benefit from the program as it offers services that bridge the gap between last school year and the upcoming year ahead. The program was established 22 years ago and evolves each year, with transportation recently offered in order to further support students and their families.

Photos courtesy of Levittown Public Schools

  • Elementary English language learners are getting a jump start on the year with a special summer program.

  • All set to learn!

  • Learning together is fun.

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