Bethpage senior receives perfect score on AP exam

student with three teachers

Bethpage High School senior Athanasia Panagos (second from left) earned a perfect score on the AP Research Exam. Pictured with AP Research teachers Kristen Garvey (left) and Nicole Dulaney (second from right) and Director of Science K-12 and Data Protection Officer Chris Pollatos (right).
Photo courtesy of the Bethpage Union Free School District

Senior Athanasia Panagos from Bethpage High School accomplished an impressive feat for any student. She received a perfect score on the college-level Advanced Placement Research Exam in the spring of 2022. Panagos earned the maximum AP score of a 5 and was one of only 306 students in the world to earn every point possible on the exam.

Her AP Research project was entitled “The Fluidity of Inherent Human Behavior and the Effects of Environmental Factors on Altruism and Greed.” The purpose of her study was to “determine whether human behavior is inherently or predisposed to greed or altruism, as well as if human nature is influenced by its environment.”

Upon learning of Panagos’ outstanding achievement, her AP Research teachers Kristen Garvey and Nicole Dulaney were thrilled.

“It is such an honor for Athanasia to be recognized as one of the top 306 AP Research papers, especially because there were 26,958 papers submitted globally,” said Garvey. “Athanasia was very passionate about her topic from the beginning of the year, and I am so proud of her and that her hard work paid off.”

Dulaney added that it was extremely rewarding watching Athanasia develop a valuable skillset by designing and implementing an original research project.

“I am confident she will continue to utilize these skills in both college and her career, and I look forward to her future success,” she said.

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